Barefaced Cheek

I am sure you have recently all seen the myriad of naked faced selfies (#selfies) appearing everywhere on your Facebook feed recently.

The fantastic cause of going bare for charity (without actually having to bare all- another popular choice for fundraising). Women across the globe are snapping away and my news feed is inundated with those in England, Ireland and Australia all rising to the cause. My favourite was someone using the hashtag F@$% you cancer, creative genius.

The no makeup look to raise money has been a recent phenomenon from the last few years- starting with Children in Need where well known faces went fresh for fundraising. Whilst we all applaud the effort and the contagious support of this event I genuinely support the action of us taking photos au natural. I wonder when did make-up become such a staple in everyone’s lives, I see pictures of all my beautiful friends and family and wonder why they have banished the no make-up look. I thank this initiative not just for the exceptional cause it funds but also for hopefully allowing my loved ones to see themselves as the gorgeous and strong women they are and being proud of the skin they are in and not just for a two second selfie (#selfie).

The no make-up look is part of my day to day- I sometimes feel I am “the worst person to work in beauty ever” to this end. But I didn’t have the heart to point this out when I was nominated; I was going to donate anyway. Plus I had to take it on a Saturday morning where I had admittedly (and again being the “worst person to work in beauty ever”) not completely taken off my make-up from the night before- what a hypocrite.

(just kidding that’s Barbie on the left, my childhood hero, I am on the right). TS

Barbie and Me


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