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Many of us, Londoners especially, find it hard to find that optimum level of balance in our lives. The opportunities […]

Perfume Power

It may not come as a surprise that someone working at pebble&co is slightly obsessed with fragrance. For me each […]

Up in smoke

As the nights grow darker and the air colder, nothing quite beats an open fire and lighting candles in the […]

Pebble Stories // Maria

  The fourth and final instalment of Pebble Stories is here – it is Maria’s turn to reveal all. Our […]

Pebble Stories // Tori

  The third instalment of Pebble Stories is here – it is Tori’s turn to reveal all. Our manager reveals […]

Maria’s Destination Scent

    It’s early morning, 6am to be precise. It has rained and the air is misty, but the sun […]

Tori’s Destination Scent

I’m eternally in the state of that infamous Beach Boys song, California Dreaming. Growing up there as a child has […]

Zoe’s Destination Scent

  At sunrise, the sky is radiant with shades of sapphire and indigo against a backdrop of lush greenery; at […]

Sarah’s Destination Scent

They’re heading off to collect Viola figs for breakfast from the little orchard that sits beyond the conifer-lined drive.  The […]

Maria’s Ultimate Beach Bag

I have fair skin that tends to burn once every summer so sun screen is a huge must for me! […]