The Only Way is The Lomax Way: Part 1

Feeling the burn with a Lomax Spin Class

I have only ever gone spinning once before in my life, I am not good with bikes you see. Of course I can ride a bike, I just choose not to. It’s a sad side effect of learning to roller-blade along a sunny Californian board-walk as opposed to riding a bike- Barbie Rollerblades were much cooler in my book. So when I was invited to attend a Lomax spinning class I did have some apprehension. What if I fall off? What if my foot comes flying out of the peddle strap slicing open my leg and I bleed everywhere? (This actually happened; hence why I have only ever participated in one class).

So on a cold morning in February I dragged myself out of my warm bed and equipped in my finest Byron & Bronte leggings prayed that the swallow flock design would somehow carry me through the class.

In a dark, dark room at the bottom of a dark, dark stairs of this Chelsea hot spot a cycling rave was about to commence. Pumping music, flashing neon lights and an instructor so upbeat, encouraging and all around enthusiastic it was hard not to get into the swing of things. A mix of different moves and weights combined together to create a challenging and varied workout that pushed you to the limits but never beyond them. The adrenaline fuelled hour raced by like Sir Chris Hoy in the velodrome (well not quite, he would have lapped me about 20,000 times).

I left my luxury Lomax sanctuary aching but elated (and with some delicious replenishing goodies from their Market Grill), satisfied with a hard work out well achieved and congratulated myself on not causing any disasters. Not even when receiving the shock of my life to discover someone had smuggled their handbag hidden dog into the class, I hope it likes loud popular music.

Thanks Lomax I am no longer scared to ride a bike… as long as it’s stationary and to pumped-up jams. TS

lomax bike


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