Hello from pebble&co


Here is us in a nutshell, the snippets of information you need to know as to why we are writing the grace&polish blog and what you can expect to hear from us.

Who are we? And what do we do?

Our day job is the creation, branding and strategy of bespoke bath, body and fragrance products for niche and premium brands in the UK and abroad whether it is their core business or a side-line project to bolster their main offering, we also offer tailored marketing and strategy consultation within the worlds of fashion& lifestyle, beauty &spa, travel & wellness. But we are more than just our day job, at pebble&co we are interested in all the different and various elements that make up a rich and beautiful tapestry of life, the latest products and the most reliable products, exotic destinations and places closer to home, irresistible attire, heady fragrances and our thoughts on the unique philosophy behind some of the world’s most interesting brands.

What will we be writing about?

Anything and everything really. Topics in our industry, what exists outside it and things that flirt with it. We will be posting pictures of things we like to look at, the things we like to make and things we like to do, exploring the places we’ve been and those we aspire to run away to. This blog is our outlet on the industry, covering life at pebble&co and life in general.

Passionate about brands, products and marketing. Undoubtedly. Watch this space.

Need more info? Visit our website at www.pebbleandco.co.uk or follow us on Twitter and Instagram and check out our Pinterest board.


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