A Room With A View


Those who choose to look up when walking across Waterloo Bridge will have noticed a wooden boat seemingly shipwrecked on top of The Queen Elizabeth Hall. This is no ordinary old sea dogs home but a hotel like installation by Living Architecture, a campaign called “A Room for London”. Over 500 architects and artists from across the world entered a competition to create this concept and the winning design – by David Kohn Architects and Fiona Banner is a one of a kind nautical experience.

What started off as a limited edition installation has become a stalwart part of the Southbank skyline for the last two years. The room can only be booked by ballot, one night at a time. Those lucky chosen ones will enjoy more than just a room with a view. A place to be totally alone with no distractions, pack a picnic and watch the world go by in the perfect boat built for two. The design and interiors are simple but beautiful with quirky signature touches- a miniature art gallery, a log book of adventurers before you, rows of books on travel, London and the Thames- a cosy space to call home for the night.

More importantly this is an utterly immersive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to stay in a place you will never stay again, for one stolen night, the likelihood of which you repeating or any of your friends obtaining is limited. This unique experience won’t be around forever so dare to enter and take a boat trip like no other and a chance to stay in your very own landmark.



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