Many of us, Londoners especially, find it hard to find that optimum level of balance in our lives. The opportunities at our fingertips are extensive, we find it hard to say no and we will often keep going until we crash and burn. You can eat all the kale, avocado and turmeric in the world, but if your body is suffering, your gut won’t absorb the nutrients you’re feeding yourself as efficiently as it otherwise could, which can lead to all sorts of health concerns.

One thing that we’re learning is that finding the time to get balance in our lives is key; it may be putting aside one evening a week for yoga, treating yourself to a massage when your shoulders feel tight, getting up 15 minutes early to do some meditation, giving yourself a DIY facial at home or indulging in your favourite food. Whatever you do and however busy your life is, make sure you listen to your body, what it is telling you it needs (our bodies have cravings for a reason!) and allow yourself to take a break and give yourself some ‘me-time’, no matter how big or small.

This is what Balance Festival 2017 was all about: a selection of inspiring and engaging brands, individuals, influencers and services all under one roof, offering their own individual ways in which to keep your life healthy and well, but most importantly, balanced. Balance Festival taught us how to feed our minds and bodies, whilst ensuring we had a good time doing it. From discerning foodies, world-class fitness trainers, awe-inspiring yogis, natural skincare brands and above all real people who shared a common goal in which to achieve a better self, we left feeling inspired and equipped to find our very own sense of balance.

Enjoy the bank holiday this weekend and make sure you do something just for you. Your body will thank you for it.


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