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In this spirit of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations this weekend, we thought we would each select a Best of British product or service!

As a newcomer to this great nation and a bit of a product junkie it is difficult to choose one British product – I’m still exploring! However, one item entirely swept me off my feet the first time I came across it, and still makes my heart beat a little faster. Birch & Brook’s Festival candle has everything I want in a candle. With notes of bergamot and lily, a hint of jasmine, patchouli, amber and sandalwood and a base of vanilla, leather and musk it is the perfect candle to set the mood for barefoot summer fun and carefree days in the sun! Get the Limited Edition version here and thank me later.


As far as serums go, I am a little obsessed and British skincare brand Oskia’s ‘Get Up and Glow’ is one of my favourites. It stimulates collagen production and protects skin from all sorts of environmental and lifestyle damage, working to reverse those early signs of ageing, whilst adding a natural radiant glow to the skin. What I love most is that despite its lightweight feel and quick absorption into the skin, you can apply it underneath your make-up and the subtle sheen still shines through. You can also apply it over your make-up later in the day for a quick brightening without that overly shimmery effect. The bottle is petite and light enough as well, making it the perfect handbag essential!


A Bamford girl through-and-through, my current Best of British fave is Bamford’s Restore Elixir, packed with nutrient-rich rosehip and retinol-concentrated cacay nut oils, this precious elixir is amazing as an overnight reviving treatment and a great addition to my daily moisturiser for all day sustenance.


It only seems right that a fitting compliment for celebrating the Queen’s 90 years and incredible reign that I choose a stalwart English product that has dominated its market for years. Whilst it may seem an obvious choice it is also an old favourite with the people and the industry alike, a reliable staple as unwavering in its dignity as the British Monarchy- Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax Bath Oil. This product and I go back a long way (we just had a double digit anniversary), it’s been bought for my mother countless times as a present and stolen from her even more. I will never forget the cosseting smell of those fragrant baths, it’s an old friend guaranteed to make you feel better no matter how rotten your day was or how cold and wet you got in the delightful English weather. With its rich deep scent and ultra-soft-soft-soft skin nourishing it’s like bathing in cashmere. I can only hope that after a hectic weekend of celebrations that HRH gets to kick back with a G&T and a Deep Relax scented bath.




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