Cleansing Crisis

I have recently been in the middle of a cleansing crisis. My skin erupted, and I mean really erupted, in dry, red angry marks all over my cheeks. Pleasant, and as fellow sufferers will know painful as well as unsightly. For those who know me this isn’t a surprise or an uncommon phenomena. My skin is likely to blow at the slightest imbalance- or more commonly ahead of some form of social event.

It is an on again off again problem during which I have found that cleansing becomes the most important step to combating my face falling off. A cleansing quest then ensues.

Water reaction. Sounds stupid but amazingly common. Occasionally my new spots and dots are a result of water on my skin- particularly when I change location. When this happens I turn to Avene Micellar Lotion– I was tipped off by one of London hot facialist’s on this one. Cooling, calming, thirst quenching cleansing and good enough for light make up removal around the eyes. Last February during the crazy weather this product was a life saver.

I can’t exfoliate, this is another problem I have, well I can but only the gentlest form will do to avoid the blotchy mess. Enter Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, whilst I can’t use it daily it certainly does the trick, especially when mixed in with my cleanser to make it uber gentle. Now the Dermalogica cleanser is also another old faithful, gel based and non-stripping I know it gets the job done, however it’s not high on the excitement factor.

Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse, not just a good cleanser but a great cleanser, and it’s exciting. I’m a balm girl so the dual texture does it for me, the balm turns to luscious oil and melts into my skin, removes any trace of make-up (and red wine stains on the lips I also noticed) and my skin isn’t dry or sensitive afterwards. It also smells amazing too- and this is important, even in a product you wash off, the balance of pleasure and practicality is essential. Another good lux pleasure factor cleanser is from the Chanel Sublimage range- good if you can get it.

My wise old mentor is a Cleansing Milk addict, and recently, when I found myself without my cleansing bread & butter I found myself staring down the barrel of a Lancome Milk pump. And it was good, nice texture, creamy, light, and clean, took about three pumps extra to get my make-up off though and as people who know me know I am not a make-up aficionado and my look is light. Close but not quite cricket. I was also recently introduced to the Yonka product range, a reliable salon brand; I have the cream based cleanser which also has a slightly gelatinous nature. Again it’s good, what with me being a fan of a heavier product but the smell of pamplemousse (Grapefruit to you and I, but pamplemousse is more fun to say) can be a bit much for me.

My bread and butter of a cleanser (and I use the word butter appropriately) is the fail safe Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I became a covert convert about a year ago. Its a popular product with beauty editors and insiders alike and there is a reason why. Rich and creamy with a refreshing and comforting scent or fresh herbs and eucalyptus this cleanser cleans deep and leaves my dry overly sensitive skin refreshed and hydrated.

Red blotchiness aside cleansing is the most important step of the day for your skin- after all its one of the first things you do in your day. You might as well do it right. And spring is the perfect time of year to dedicate yourself to a new beauty regime habit. TS

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cleansing crisis


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