Crimes of the Body

I am guilty of a few crimes against beauty. I remember this one in particular once caused a former colleague some distress “but your skin is so dry how can you not!”. For you see, I am terrible, awful, hopeless and all round utterly useless at remembering to moisturise my body.

Unless I am sitting there of an evening with nothing to do and fancy a preen I will not remember until I realise I am staring not at a snake but my own mottled and scaly legs (attractive).

However I have discovered a cheat. And it’s from the high street. Nivea’s in shower body moisturiser. I am far more easily tricked into an extra step in the shower than an extra step post shower- I don’t feel like I am losing time that way. You apply this after you have cleansed and then simply wash it off afterwards- no waiting around John Wayne drying time before dressing, my one major turn-off of moisturising the traditional way.

It forms a bizarre feeling but strangely addictive to the touch water barrier cocoon which makes you feel silky soft all over, fragranced with that comforting Nivea scent we all know so well.

Perhaps not the most glamorous of products but certainly a new favourite and shower staple of mine and perfect for the lazy / forgetful ( I know which category I am). TS

You may have seen that my case has been strengthened by this weeks Stylist… just look:

crimes of the body


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