Fragrance Affair

imageI don’t recall exactly when I fell in love with fragrance but I have held a deep respect and passion for it since I was very young.  Those early memories of frolicking with sisters, brothers and cousins – playing hide and seek at my grandmother’s home while the roast was being served – are marked for me by scent.  The watery green of flat leaf parsley that had exploded and taken over the vegetable patch where I would crouch silently and nibble on the oversized leaves; the rich, charcoal earthiness that hung in the air as I tiptoed through the lush moss beneath oversized  hydrangeas; the sharp prick then powdery softness of jasmine posies on her dressing table.  Whether it’s the often referenced sentimental connection of scent or an unwavering and consistent ‘nose’, all of these fragrances remain firm favourites of mine today. 

I love undiscovered, unique fragrances, those that hold familiarity but also surprise, so it is somewhat surprising that my signature fragrance for the past decade has been anything but undercover and surreptitious – Coco Mademoiselle, one of the most prolific and highly visible fragrances from the masters at Chanel. My husband sent it to me on the morning of our wedding nestled amongst a bouquet of cream roses.  I recall being delighted but also slightly surprised at this gift – neither he nor I had ever mentioned nor even smelt it before and I recollect thinking it was a most important and significant responsibility – the wedding day fragrance – to be bestowing to an unknown.  Up until that time I had been a devotee of Calvin Klein’s Eternity (once again, a cringingly obvious choice), and yet an old stalwart I will return to one day with undiminished adoration.

I am fortunate enough to work with incredible fragrances every day, to explore the universe of scent that is both infinitely boundless yet intimately personal.  And while I am enchanted by seductive and charming suitors, delicate and refined temptresses, I remain more enamoured with my little white purse-pack each day. Maybe sentiment holds me tighter than I think.  SMc

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