How to choose the perfect Spring scent


In this post we explore the process of choosing a perfect scent for Spring to accompany the warmer weather and brighter days! Read on for top tips from the creators of fragrance.

Tori Snowball

Nerdy fact alert: green leaf isn’t actually an ingredient in its own right, there isn’t a guy sitting there pressing and distilling bright fresh leafy goodness to capture the scent. It’s a blend created by the likes of mint extracts and delicious green yet musty galbanum. I don’t know if it’s to do with my good old love of the English countryside in spring, the days when everything comes out of bud and we experience that first flush of life, but something about this turn in the season leaves me hankering for that fresher than fresh scent. Memories of days like today where the air is slightly heavy and sultry and the scent of foliage hangs like a mist in the air.

I long for the lightness of a sharper, fresh scent at this time of year after I come out of my comforting winter hiding place of woods, ouds, spices and heavy florals; putting them away alongside the wool and cashmere of the winter passed. Instead I opt for the lighter and greener scents which contain the freshness and zest I crave – green notes backed up with subtle florals like Maria’s favourite orange blossom, jasmine (a favourite of Sarah’s) or neroli and even a bergamot or grapefruit for a twist of sophisticated citrus. I am a fan of layering these lighter scents to create my own concoctions mixing a fresh green scent with a lavender based scent or with a sharp floral neroli elixir recently purchased from a wizened lady in the back streets of Seville. To capture the scent of spring in a bottle I love the new fragrance from Maison Martin Margiela (untitled) l’eau or Nancy Meiland Parfums Aquilaria.

My top tip for choosing a new scent for spring is channelling how you feel or want to feel, something that feels very you however that you is today. Whilst I tend to follow a wardrobe style trend sometimes I’ll mix it up and wear a heavier floral scent in the evening for that heady affect in the hot weather or slip back to my favourite warm scents for additional comfort on a grey spring day- to quote English Edward Thomas “And Spring’s here, Winter’s not gone.”

Maria Hellberg

When Spring season rolls around I can’t wait to switch my wardrobe to something lighter, digging out the sandals and skirts and adding sunglasses to my everyday look. For me that also includes updating my fragrance wardrobe.

A well-chosen scent is the finishing touch to any outfit and as the weather gets sunnier and brighter also my scent gets lighter and fresher. I find that I gravitate towards citrusy scents as they are easy to wear and make me feel energized and joyful and put a spring in my step, pun intended. One of my absolute favorite ingredients is orange blossom, which apart from being a beautiful flower also smells like Spring and happiness. It works well for everyday, and with deeper notes blended in also translates to a beautiful, heady night fragrance. On my top list for Spring you will find Fleur D’Oranger by Le Labo, with fresh lemony notes rounded out in musk with hints of bergamot, petitgrain and lemon. And you can never go wrong with Bal D’Afrique by Byredo, with top notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, african marigold and bucchu for that citrusy punch but with a gorgeous base in black amber, musk, vetiver and Moroccan cedarwood. I get emotional just writing this.

So my top tip for choosing the right scent for the Spring season is to go with your gut feeling – what feelings does the scent evoke? You will feel it when you find the right one!

Sarah McCubbin

Is it Spring yet?  I was convinced after the weekend that we’d skipped Spring all together and galloped into high summer but as I’ve tiptoed through the teaming rain in my sandals for the past three days I’m seriously questioning my summer wardrobe inauguration.

My scent love of the moment however could not be more appropriate for this sun-come-rain-come-sun-again weather.  Luxe by Sheerluxe, a sophisticated and edgy combination of fresh, watery notes of plum, pomegranate, raspberry, pepper and watermelon grounded in rich cedar, patchouli and clove and elevated with green floral tones of jasmine and lily – the ultimate head-turning-elegant-cool-scent that you need for this warm-then-steamy-then-cool time of year.

Top tip: you’ll need to be super speedy if you want to snap up the limited edition fragrance that is going on sale at at the end of the month.

Zoe Jarchevska

With the cold and wet winter (hopefully) behind us, the sun is out and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, it’s time to put away my winter fragrances – those with deeper, woodier, more oriental notes – and make room for lighter, softer and more fresh spring fragrances.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year; the air is clean, the trees are bright and vibrant and it is pleasantly warm – the perfect temperature when living in a city like London. It is also that time of year where your winter wardrobe is gradually replaced with summer dresses, open toed sandals and you can start dreaming of your summer getaways. The greatest part of this seasonal change is the ability to pair it with spring-like fragrances, introducing those aromatic light citrus notes, feminine and sophisticated florals and crisp leafy greens into your scent, which allow you to not only feel spring in your step, but also smell just like it too.

Jasmine is one of my favourite go-to florals to wear during this season. It brings me back to my childhood, where I’d spend hours playing with my sister (whose name coincidentally is Jasmine too) in our garden which was bursting with angelic white jasmine flowers. Jasmine is such a unique floral –  it is bold and intense, yet gracefully balanced with delicacy and sweetness, which when layered with other fresh floral notes such as rose petals and lily of the valley, can create the most delicious scent. One of my favourites is Byredo’s Inflorescence, which captures how you would imagine spring blossoms to smell in their entirety, using a combination of honeyed notes of pink freesia, creamy magnolia blossom and a luxurious and overgrown jasmine at the base, to create that fresh sweetness and powerful close to the scent. For evenings, Aerin’s Ikat Jasmine is my go-to spring fragrance – it is modern, elegant and feminine, pairing soft jasmine and exotic tuberose blooms with a subtle note of velvety sandalwood to create an enticing and intriguing floral scent with depth and intensity, perfect for those balmy spring evenings.

Top tip: Always switch between a few fragrances throughout each season, using different scents for day time and different scents for evenings, so that they always stay fresh and feel original. Another tip is to apply fragrance to your pulse points, on your neck and wrists, as these tend to be some of the warmer parts of your body, which help diffuse the scent.


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