How To Fragrance Your Home

pebble&co have shared our top tips for fragrancing your home with our favourite online publication, read the full article below or visit the sheerluxe website.

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Local Margate brand, Haekels, is the answer if you are after an innovative, naturally based home fragrance.  We love their Chalk Room Diffuser with its clean look; the Raw Cedar Wood Incense conjures up thoughts of a warm and aromatic fire – simple, honest and just perfect if you are looking for a more industrial or unassuming home fragrance solution.

When we’re looking for a decorative piece we can’t get enough of Cire Trudon’s Room Spray, in Madeline or Ernesto for  wintery months.  The kings of scented opulence, these are quite simply the most handsome room mist bottles that wouldn’t look out of place on the most decadent dressing table or mantle (and don’t get us started on how good they smell.)

And our pick of home fragrance with attitude, is Mad et Len Potpourri. You won’t find a dried flower or dyed wood shaving anywhere near this super cool home fragrance which is made of black lava rock straight from the Sahara Desert and piled into a hand beaten matte metal canister.  Also top of our wish list is their ‘Humus’ fragrance – watery vetiver, moss and violet leaf – and the ultimate for those spaces that demand cool.

For grown-up incense, banish the hippie wooden trays of the ’70s and opt for a Fornasseti set, we love the whimsical smoking gun design available on their art-inspired boxes.

If, like us, you just can’t pass up a candle, try the new Hush UK Cedar Ash & Patchouli Candlean aromatic blend of smouldering fire embers, warm spices and dried oriental flowers. Its inverted glass silhouette suits all tastes and styles, too.

At this time of year there is nothing like scenting your home with festive cheer but instead of the overly commercial sweet and spicy scents of orange and cinnamon, we’re opting for Christmas sophistication with a fresh green reminiscent of boughs of fir over a fireplace adorned with stockings. We love Birch & Brook’s Evergreen fragrance for its fresh scent and the nostalgia of walks in the English countryside it brings.

Scent is often described as a journey so we always like to create a story with our scent throughout different rooms or during the course of an evening’s entertainment.  For a dinner party with added scent opt for a neutral, light and cleansing fragrance to banish cooking smells and create ambience – keep your scent clean when there’s food around so as not to disturb the palette.

As the evening progresses switch to heavier smokier scents that mimic an evening sitting in by a warm fireside. Throughout your home select warm comforting candles for lounging areas, creating the feel of a cashmere blanket in a scent. Herb house aromas for the kitchen are great in both candles and aromatic washes and lotions. Diptyque’s Eucalyptus candle is fresh and invigorating and who can beat Daylesford’s washes and lotions for a natural kitchen inspired scent.

TOP TIP: To get the most out of any candle allow it to burn for at least an hour or until the wax has formed a complete molten pool on the top – that way you’ll enjoy the full force of the fragrance and your candle won’t tunnel, giving you a much longer life and burn from it.


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