Introducing Nardis Beach

At pebble&co we have recently starting working with gorgeous swimwear brand Nardis Beach. To help us dream of sunnier climes and distant shores, here are Creative Director Cristiana Carwardine’s swimwear tips, top beach destinations and desert island essentials…

How did Nardis Beach start and what makes the collection different?

I could never find the perfect bikini for my holidays. I was looking for beautiful colours, a luxurious fabric that didn’t fade in the sun and a flattering Mediterranean-Brazilian inspired fit with unusual detailing. I was sure I wasn’t the only person with this problem, so with a background in fashion design I started creating the first collection in 2007. I travelled around Italy and Portugal sourcing the finest fabrics, and ventured further afield in search of natural materials such as shells, driftwood and semi-precious stones to create beautiful bikini fastenings. It is a fascinating process that I really love!

Where do you draw inspiration for your swimwear collections?

I draw inspiration from my travels, I find I can be struck with a creative idea anywhere, any time. While traveling I allow the things I see to merge into a feeling, a style, immersing myself in the things around me. It could be anything from the colours of petals floating in a deep blue pool; the colourful boats tied together in the Moroccan port of Essaouira; the white bleached shells on a deserted island in the Caribbean; the rich jewels and fabrics draped around an Indian market or the fishing villages and  wonderfully bright houses along the  Italian coast.

As a swimwear designer, can you give us your top 4 beach locations?

Oh that is a hard one! They would have to be: Tobago Cays in the Caribbean for a desert island getaway; Koh Phi Phi in Thailand for winter sun; Sandy Island in the Grenadines for its simplicity and The Amalfi Coast in Italy for its glamour (and food!).

If you could only take one piece of swimwear to a desert island, what would it be?

As a Mediterranean woman, it would definitely have to be the Nardis Beach white Taormina side-tie bikini! A classic piece that’s easy-to-wear with colourful print kaftans… and perfect for showing off sunkissed skin.

What 5 other ‘must-haves’ would we find in your desert island beach bag?

A wide brim floppy hat; Lancaster sun screen; a silk Nardis Beach kaftan, a camera as I love to take lots of photos and a lilo in case no one finds me for days…


portofino-slate-swimsuit Amalfi kaftan Taormina bikini white


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