On Location: Liberty of London

It’s been the month to talk about love. Love, Love, Love. Although I am sure we are slightly sick to death of the topic now. However, one place that we love, that we shall never be sick of, never tire of despite the fact that she is a grande dame of 139 since her opening in 1875 is Liberty of London.

Iconic, steadfast, bold and contemporary, classic and elegant, a champion of what it is to be British – it is currently our number one destination, and this month we feel as though we have practically been living there, attending business in the west end at least once a week. You will find it is the perfect place to go and kill time between meetings for five minutes. Five minutes which can swiftly turn into an hour if you are not careful.

Of course our favourite places to go are Bath Shop, the candle and fragrance rooms and the beauty counters. Brand upon brand upon brand to discover…British, European, American, Eastern…from the undiscovered to the iconic, all with an air of special luxury, individuality and exclusivity. If you are a beauty buff then Liberty truly is your oyster.

Of course it’s not always about our familiar territory.  After all who cannot pass into the iconic scarf hall with its light and heritage panelling, while away a day in the stationary room (we love paper, in case you didn’t know), become a budding botanist in the Wild at Heart floral concession, and where else could you buy a giant crystal pineapple or a tea tray decorated like a Georgian portrait except the heads are now those of birds?

As both a brand and a retailer Liberty just does it right. It is aspirational without intimidation, has heritage but is a forerunner in trend, reliable and surprising. For inspiration we merely need to look to them. Liberty of London – we’ll see you next week.



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