Love Lunch with Sarah Jagger


A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to land a ticket to one of the Bingham Hotel‘s Love Lunches. A series of events the hotel is throwing specifically targeted at women and which supports the charity Women’s Aid– a refuge charity for victims of domestic violence. So much more than a lunch in the beautiful peaceful surroundings of this boutique hotel these events provide food for thought (as well as a fantastic lunch!) by inviting inspirational and deeply passionate speakers from the media, business and health and beauty worlds.


This particular lunch was graced with the delicate goddess like beauty of make-up artist, presenter and journalist Sarah Jagger. Sarah shared with the intimate group not only some of her industry knowledge but also the fascinating journey that has bought her from a small town in Australia to the prominent and talented industry expert she is today. A journey that was by no means easy or as glamorous as you could be led to believe by a top line overview of her current work; she is a sought after beauty expert presenting for ITV’s This Morning and make-up artist of choice for Vivienne Westwood’s fashion campaigns and publications such as Vogue and Elle. Sarah’s craft is honed from years of hard work, sacrifices and inspiration and drive. The most insightful of her methods for success (and at times hilarious) is her use of inspiration boards which she uses to map where she wants to go- creating a physical vision of what she wants to and, as she has proved, will achieve with an unwavering determination. She places herself firmly in the place where she will one day be in a sort of prophetic road map.


These lunches are much more than a jolly or a networking event. They are a chance to share inspiring stories that encourage, educate and enlighten. An open and intimate environment that invites you into other people’s lives whether it be the speaker in question or the people you meet on the day.


I’m sold, book me my next ticket. TS


Some of Sarah Jagger’s top beauty pieces:

1) By Terry – Lip Balm

2) Revlon – Photo ready Skin Lights

3) Blinc Mascara

4) Nars Concealer

5) ‘Grain Brain’ Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers by David Perlmutter (Paperback)

6) Coconut Oil


sarah jagger


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