It’s early morning, 6am to be precise. It has rained and the air is misty, but the sun is making its way through the clouds to light up the new day. I am heading to a yoga class, and am making my way through the empty roads of Ubud. I pass small rice fields that are covered with water, reflecting the rising sun and clouds in the sky. The is a mixture of scents in the air; the dampness that seems to enhance smell of frangipanis, the smoke coming from farms burning weeds on the fields and the incense burned everywhere on Bali. It is only me, the roosters and some monkeys occupying the streets. In the yards I can see the locals are beginning to prepare their offerings to the gods in small baskets that are left at the doorsteps. I make my way to the yoga studio, hidden away on a small alley. As I make my way towards the class, I am drawn in by slow, relaxing music and yet more incense wafting through the open doors. I lay down on my yoga mat and inhale all the scents of this magical place and exhale deep relaxation.



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