Pebble Stories // Sarah


Another instalment of Pebble Stories is here – this time it is Sarah’s turn. Our founder and managing director reveals her beauty favourites, top tips and other fun facts about herself!

What inspires you to work in the beauty industry?

I’m a fragrance lover.  I’m equally adoring and fascinated by the power of scent and its impact on how we perceive ourselves and others.

What do you love most about what you do?

I feel very blessed and fortunate to work with an array of brilliant creative minds and personalities and some of the finest brands in the world; both big and small.  I’m incredibly fortunate that I love what I do and working alongside my amazing team creating unforgettable and iconic products is a one my great joys.

If you weren’t doing what you are doing, what would you be doing?

I’d love to be able to sing but my vocal talents would mean I had a very swift and tragic career as a singer.

What’s next for the beauty industry or what would you like to see created? Product or service

Bespoke and customisable products are more and more in demand and we’re very excited that our expertise in bespoke fragrance and product creation is striking a chord with individual clients, alongside many of the amazing brands we work with. The home fragrance market is in dire need for inspiration and evolution – it’s time to advance beyond candles and diffusers…watch this space.

What phrase / motto do you believe in the most / that you use in your life?

We make decisions based on what we know and where we are in life – we don’t know where we’ll be or what will be happening tomorrow.

What is your favourite spa treatment?

The Bamford Signature Treatment at the Haybarn is incredible and unforgettable.

What products are part of your daily, essential routine?

Fragrance forms part of my every day wardrobe and although my makeup and skin care routine and loyalties change quite regularly, I wear Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection religiously.

What super power would you most like to have?

To be able to fly, I’m very proficient at it in my dreams.

What is your one desert island beauty product and why?

I can’t live without a great body moisturiser – RIKRAK Gardenia Greenleaf is amazing.

Who is your beauty guru or icon that you look to for inspiration and advice?

Poppy Delevigne is a master of looking unfailingly beautiful ALL the time.

Do you have a secret beauty tip you can share?

I mix my fragrances and often wear more than one, but not overlapped.  Wearing one on my wrist and one on my neck so I get surprise bursts of fragrance combinations throughout the day.

What is your guilty culinary pleasure that you’d never admit to?

Cadbury Caramel Eggs, dipped into Lady Grey tea, only ever acceptable when you’ve no one watching.

If you could be transported each weekend to the same destination, where would we find you?

I’d alternative between Xilokeriza Beach, Spetses and Megeve, France.

What’s your karaoke knock out song?

Bon Jovi.



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