The Ottoman

I recently fell in love for the very first time, with a candle. In fact not just any candle but my very own Cire Trudon Ottoman candle purchased in a boutique in Brussels. It has in its short four months in my possession sat in its ornamental box for two weeks when I was too scared to pierce the foil sides and open what I now feel is the other little blue box, it has gained an accessory- a bell jar so that it isn’t homesick for its old display case and it has migrated from my mantelpiece to my dresser and then back to my mantelpiece.

This candle means something to me, something more than the gothic Voltivo Blackcurrant candle in its beautiful cut glass that sits on my bookcase and more to me than the beeswax pillar candle that perfectly scents my bedroom. I didn’t crave any of them. I craved the Ottoman. With its exotic swirls of tobacco, leather, jasmine and rose it truly does transport me to another time and another place, somewhere I long to go, a night in the Bazaar in a time long gone (although I imagine it’s a lot less romantic than Cire Trudon suggests with this ethereal scent). My Cire Trudon is my status symbol, it is a thoroughly grown-up candle that I chose for myself, that I displayed on a mistletoe and holly adorned fireplace at Christmas, wafting the bell jar under envious friends noses (they may have been envious, in reality I imagine the investment banker and the criminal lawyer aren’t as into candles as me, but that’s beside the point). This candle marks my turning point and I don’t think I will ever burn it, or at least not for a few years until I fall head over heels again.

My journey to really loving and appreciating candles has been gaining speed and my feelings have evolved as my scent pallet has matured, encompassing all that I learn with each new encounter. Certainly a long journey from the pale blue flower tea lights and the fluorescent purple jelly based candles of my pre-adolescence. I shudder at the memory… and hope no one tells the Ottoman. TS

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