At sunrise, the sky is radiant with shades of sapphire and indigo against a backdrop of lush greenery; at sunset, it blends into an array of gold, burnt orange and soft lilac. The Algarve once felt like my second home, the place I visited every summer with friends and family: a picture-perfect painting of bold coastlines, copper-coloured cliffs and whitewashed towns. Aside from the visual memories I hold of this beautiful destination, one memory that will never escape me is an olfactory one. Wandering through small hidden streets in town and further up in the hills, the aroma of blossoming orange groves wrap themselves around you with a scent that fills the warm summer air with a soft and subtle blend of sweetness, citrus and greenery. The zest of the orange peel is uplifting, whilst the green leaf offers a comforting and earthy warmth. Those bold and bright colours may fade over time, but that scent is a memory that will stay with me and forever remind me of scorching summer days and long balmy summery nights spent in the Algarve. ZJ



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