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Rather than become melancholy as the nights draw in, the leaves blow off the trees in gale force flurries and as the temperature plummets we at pebble&co like to view winter with rosy tinted glasses.

So to celebrate all that’s good with this time of year here are a few reminders of what makes autumn and winter one of our favourite seasons.

  1. Fashion

There’s nothing we love more than enveloping ourselves in a beautiful chunky cashmere knit, favouring layers of soft enveloping fabrics teamed with a really great pair of boots. The palette of autumn fashion allows us to indulge in richer tones as well as muted moody colours.

  1. Winter fragrance wardrobe

It’s not just our clothes wardrobe we like to update, autumn and winter allow us to explore deeper more punchy scents from different fragrance families. Winter florals, oriental spices, deep wooden scents and smoked peppered tones add intrigue, warmth and presence to our wardrobe more than a statement coat ever could. There’s also something to be said for a bright and fresh cologne on a crisp and clear winters day.

  1. Open fires

Nothing says cosy like an aromatic open fire whether it’s at a local pub or holed up in a country bolthole. If you are city bound an don’t want to be responsible for the next fire of London then try Birch & Brook’s Fireside candle- reminiscent of sitting just that bit too close to the fire.

  1. Home fragrance

Much like updating your fragrance wardrobe your home deserves a little shake-up in scent style in the winter months. We are scenting our homes with Hush-UK’s new Cedar Ash & Patchouli candle- as comforting as a cashmere blanket; and for the days when we would rather be cuddled up on the sofa in the arms of a handsome man we have our Gieves & Hawkes No 1 candle- a fragrance strong and sophisticated enough to replace a man any day!

  1. Walks in the countryside

Welly boots covered in mud, cold air in your lungs, picking the remaining blackberries, rosehips and sloes along the way. Admiring the beautiful flora and fauna this time of year has to offer is a favourite past time of ours.

  1. Long hot baths

… and of course what better way to warm up after a long walk then with an even longer bath. We are soothing cold bones with Lola’s Apothecary Restorative Winter bath oil with essences of peppermint & eucalyptus or RIKRAK’s Gardenia Greenleaf for memories of high summer in a soak.

  1. Waving good bye to salads

Goodbye salad… unless you are an interesting warm variety. The autumn harvest brings rich and wholesome food as well as super nutrients from seasonal fruit and vegetables.

  1. Gym dates and indoor training

Whilst we are sad to say goodbye to our summer runs in the parks, commons and towpaths of London we embrace staying warm and booking into the amazing array of classes available from our favourite gym hot spots: 1Rebel, Ride Republic, Lomax & Frame.

  1. Updating your handbag essentials

Ditch the emergency SPF and summer inspired lip glosses; we are stocking our handbags with RIKRAK’s nourishing hand cream for weather worn hands, nourishing lip balms and deeper lip shades.

  1. Bleak chic

Our Instagram feeds are full of pictures of watery moons, barren trees, misty fields and cold grey skies… there is no beating a bit of bleak chic

  1. Christmas wish lists!

Christmas is the perfect time for us to update our beauty cabinet, we started our lists as early as August and will be sharing our must haves on the blog as we count down to Christmas.



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